My normal sleeping cycle is back

I managed to restore my normal sleeping cycle, but it was certainly a difficult task, remember that day I omitted sleep? I got back home, went to the bed and once again I could't fall asleep.

It turns out this problem arrived after an impromptu banishing I did a couple days ago. This procedure created an energetic field around my bedroom that caused I was too full of energy while in the room. Yesterday all my energy finally ran out and the field finally disappeared, on the other side I was pretty useless yesterday, like a zombie.

This field accident was a pretty odd occurence, I remember doing the sacred chamber ritual, then my new invocation and then setting up the sphere around the bedroom AND. Specifying the duration time of the sphere which somehow didn't work as expected. I guess I have to be more careful when using the invocation.

Anyway, I am fully back with a couple of projects for this year:
- write down the third stage for the curriculum
- compile all of my previous articles into a book (or books)
- continue on the Oath breaker and Wisdom of Kabbalah series
- create a game with a sword&sorcery theme (something like Hexen)
- finally assemle the enlightenment ritual I got a glimpse of during my last priesthood oath
- Astral travelling on daily basis

There are also about 8 readings I promised to do for people on July 2013, so I have to finish those as well.


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