3rd Grade, Week 2: Preparing own incantations

What is an incantation
An incantation or enchantment is a charm or spell created using words. An incantation may take place during a ritual, either a hymnor prayer, and may invoke or praise a deity. In magic, occultism, and witchcraft it is used with the intention of casting a spell on an object or a person and may employ the use ofpharmakeia. The term derives from Latin"incantare" (tr.), meaning "to chant (a magical spell) upon," from in- "into, upon" and cantare"to sing". --Wikipedia

What to expect
This grade is mainly about evocations so that will be our focus here. Sorry there won't be much detail for anything else but readers can hopefully fill these gaps with logic.

Existing incantations
Probably every grimoire has its own incantations, most famou probably being the Bornless ritual from Goetia (most probably Crowley's addition, but I can be mistaken).

Grimoires usually ask you to memorize their incantations, which actually isn't a very good practice. Firstly it makes the incantation a routine, somethig you can do without really thinking about it.  Secondly it kills the creativity and honesty.

Your incantations should always come from your heart and belief, partially scripted and partially created on the fly. You can actually even memorize some passages from well known incantations and use them during yours for the dramatic effect or when words are not exactly coming to you.

Sample incantation
First of all we should specify the type of the operation, in this case it will be an evocation. Secondly we should specify an entity we are going to evoke. I don't want to mention any real entity yet so let's go for a fictional one.

Name: Posmiol
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Ability: To find long lost friends

Posmiol is a mighty spirit, commanding 7 legions of familiar spirits. His favorite form is an unicorn and he shows in this form most of the time. He can be commanded by the Magician to take a human form, then he appears as a tall old man with long white beard and his forehead has a symbol of pyramid tattooed on it, this tattoo represents the horn of his unicorn form.
In his human form he is able to speak about your long lost friends and give you the description of their fate. His unicorn form makes him unable to speak but in return his ability becomes more powerful. Posmiol in his basic form is able to bring your friends to your doorsteps or force them to contact you in a very short period of time.

It's possible that many of you will actually try this and Posmiol will start his existence, but he doesn't really need to exist for now.

Let's start
So, we have our fictional spirit, now we can finally prepare the incantation to call him, because we didn't see our friend Suz for quite some time and we would like to get in touch again. The prepared incantation could look as follows:

Posmiol, I call you in the name of everything divine and pure, I call you in the name of everything that is black and dirty, I call you in the name of Chaos, appear before me and grant my wish. Appear before me in your favorite form of the unicorn, I call you by the name of all the Sylphs, elementals of the Air element, your base element. Show yourself in the mirror/water/dream. I command you by the forces of Venus, don't make me wait. I command you in the name of Haniel, mighty spirit, grant my wish and find my friend Suz, make him/her to contact me within next 3 days. Posmiol, grant my wish and bring no harm to me or those close to my heart.

When the incantation is ready, read it a couple of times, maybe modify it a bit, let your creativity to lead you. When you think you are ready, toss your notes away and do the incantation. If some words are forgotten, just replace them during the process, improvise, that's what makes you part of the ritual, part of the incantation.


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