I guess it's time for me to react on recent events on Ukraine.

According to recent news UA soldiers were killed in Krym by Russian soldiers. Before I continue I would like to say I do not support neither of these countries so you don't think I am defending someone.

What happened today?
Krym chose to separate from Ukraine and join Russian Federation.

Suddenly few UA soldiers dies in Krym and Kyjev's INTERFAX informs attackers were Russian soldiers and current prime-minister (who became a prime-minister through revolution) yells about it. Later someone else says the attackers probably were not Russian soldiers but some of our news somehow "forgot" to inform about that...

If Krym is going to join Russia soon, wouldn't it be a stupid step of Putin to invade it? It seems more reasonable that Kyjev took some action to look it this way, after all they are against the separation of Krym from Ukraine.

But frankly I don't know. Kyjev's news says something, Krym's news says something completely different, Russia says something else, too. There is no way how to find objective truth, propaganda simply flow on all sides.

But frankly, we also read news about Ukraine's original goverment ordering shooting into people during demonstration, some of us saw videos from a bit diferent angle, where calm police was attacked by extremists. We also read about invasion of Russia on Krym few days ago and how that is "a call for war", once again reported by INTERFAX, on the other side Krym's news reported cooperation between Russian and UA army and that nothing significant really happened.

So yeah, I don't really know where the truth is and I pray for normal Russian and Ukrainian folks to endure and survive this political fight. This clearly shows there never were any objective news.


  1. I would not agree...
    Though there are no objective truth behind the news on both sides, the scale of RU propaganda is massive. It has not been seen in last 25 years. It reminds me of Nazi Germany propaganda. "Defending minorities", "Bringing order in place of chaos", "Allowing free people to decide". Why no such policy in Chechnya?
    All those lies about "Self defense forces" on Crimea... surely you can buy AK47 in every military shop. If you buy 100 pieces, you get one Tigr combat vehicle for half price. This is ridiculous, only if it was not the actual reality.
    "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." - this is the master of propaganda quote. Goebbels.
    I have full respect for ordinary Ukrainian soldiers stationed in Crimea region. Surrounded by "self defense forces" among which are Serbian mercenaries (the same guys that slaughtered Muslims in Kosovo) + their Russian spec-ops colleagues is not a funny situation. To keep their oaths and post in such situation, when your family is outside the base being harassed by pro-Russian forces - to me it is an act bravery not seen very often nowadays.
    I live in Poland, and the memories of 'eastern friends' are very alive in our country. The same memories are alive in all CE Europe - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Baltic states, Hungary.
    Let us also not forget that in 90's Russia has guarantied (in written) integrity of Ukraine in exchange for A weapons. Now the message is clear to the rest of the world - A weapons are only guarantee as treaties are worth nothing.
    The question is now - what i worse - strong Russia doing whatever it wants in the region, or falling apart (due economic sanctions) federation with many separatists.

    1. I understand your feelings, after all I am from Czech Republic, but there are few things you should understand about my country. 1968 happened because our politicians invited the army here after the "comradeship" started falling apart here. And as far as I remember no Russian did send my countrymen to jail for political reasons, Czech people were those who were sending Czech people to the jail. We had our special way of communism different from Russians and rats were actually Czech.

      How soldiers of the occupation army behaved is a bit different, but they truly were send here to free us because our politicians requested it.

      Many Russian soldiers here actually commited a suicide after they figured out the truth.

  2. Oh, so we are neighbors :) From time to time I am visiting my company branch in Prague :)
    As for the '68
    My friends father was in the army and he remembers 1968 - Soviet Union has sent Polish soldiers to 'liberate' Czechoslovakia. This liberation was the same kind of b..shiet that we hear today.
    From what he said, they were fully aware that they are going there in order to regain control in the name of CCCP and not to liberate. They got a rather 'cold welcome'. We had the same situation in 1981, when the treacherous general Jaruzelski wanted to invite his soviet companions in order to hunt down Solidarność. Luckily CCCP was to weak then to even consider that and they refused.
    Prior to that - Soviet aggression in 1920 -- They were of course protecting minorities in Poland, as well as spreading communism. Then we have the aggression of 1939 - to protect minorities. This is the very same pattern.
    When it comes to the 'Czech people sending Czech to prison'. That is not entirely truth. Please keep in mind that for socialists and communists there is no such thing as nationality. This is something, that according to the classics of this ideology is to be removed in order to create international proletariat. Their first loyalty direction was Soviet Union. In Poland those people are considered traitors. They were forcing their will with the help of foreign army, not respecting the will of their own nation. The same goes now for the Janukovytch - a traitor and thief that requested Russian assistance in his own country.


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