3rd Grade, Week 2: Charging the black mirror

Now it's time to charge our mirror. The mirror, just like any Magickal tool, must be "yours", it must become a part of your Self. First part of this process is hidden in the creation of the mirror, tools you craft with your own hands have a much bigger sentimental value then things you simply buy and more time you spend with crafting and decorating your items, more valuable these items will be for you.

Put your mirror in the front of yourself, you can be sitting, standing, the mirror can be on the table, floor, simply anywhere. My personal approach is to sit down and place the mirror on my lap, that makes me more sentimental for me.

Now it's time to let your mirror absorb your magnetic and electromagnetic fluids. Place your right hand just closely above the mirror, waving over the mirror as if you were petting its surface (don't touch the surface, have your hand just above it). Don't make the movement regular, use different patterns, speed, play with it as if you were touching your lover, be kind and gentle.

Do the "mirror petting procedure" for about 5 minutes, then switch your hands and repeat the process for another 5 minutes with your left hand. After you are finished you can put the mirror away, wrap it in clothes or whatever method of storing the mirror that you have chosen.

This procedure should be repeated every day for at least a week before you use the mirror for the first time. Also remember, more often you charge the mirror, more powerful tool it becomes.

Some of you might find it a bit problematic to hold your hand above the surface for 5 minutes, if your mirror has a thick frame, you can use it to support your hand to ease the pain, but this shouldn't be the concern as you are still supposed to do your daily physical exercises as presented in the first grade of this curriculum and therefore your physical body should already be much stronger than before.


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