3rd Grade, Week 1: Basic format of the rituals

For a successful ritual we need to fulfill a list of procedures (no virgin sacrifice included, duh). So, first of all let's make the checklist:


Too general? Well, let's take a look at these parts in depth:

Preparation starts with a pen and paper. You write down the intended outcome and then starts an annoying process of research... can I use some servitor for my purpose? Is there one already available or need I create one? Does the tradition I am borrowing from have any conditions required to call the servitor, e.g. a specific planetary time, incenses, color decorations? How many of these can I cheat?

After the study is done and conditions filled or bent for the purpose we can start with the pre-ritual preparations:
1. centering and grounding
2. casting the circle around us to make us look more visible in the spiritual world
3. invoking/inviting deities/angels/demons/forces/divinity/whatever to gain spiritual authority

For centering and grounding you can use the Sacred Chamber Ritual I have presented to you earlier in this book or thousands of other practices available elsewhere

For casting the circle you can use the method available in your practice or you can draw a circle within circle on the floor using a chalk and into the space within these two circles you can write down your Alphabet of desire. You can also just walk 3 times around in the circle or let your Vital force to leave your body, draw the circle 3 times around you and then return back to your body (no wasting).
The circle itself is like a lighthouse, it grabs the attention of all nearby spirits/forces/whatever to turn their attention to you.

Regarding attaining the authority part the simplest way is a prayer to your deity/whatever to bless your ceremony to be succesful but can be prolonged by litanies, glosolalia, begging, asking, commanding, whatever feels suitable for the dramatic effect (if you are scared of what you are inviting into your place, more powerful experience the ritual will be).

The performance itself is to evoke/invoke the desired servitor (if any) and state your wishes as commands coming from the authority you have attained during the preparation. Also keep in mind to get straight to the point and be specific, as well. Using vague and general terms because you are scared to be "selfish" usually lead to vague and general misinterpretations on the spirits's side with quite a mischief at the end.
Also remember: never offer anything in return, you are not exchanging, you are commanding and the only one you are responsible to for you actions is the authority you have called prior the ritual, not during it.

Banishing is generally a no-no unless something really sick starts happening. Unless that is the case, use a standard license to depart, either borrowed from your tradition or use something like this one:
"O, mighty spirits, I thank you for your assistance during this ritual. Now you can return to your places and grant my wishes. Please leave quietly and don't bring any harm to me or my loved ones and be ready for my next call."

Sometimes it happens that servitors lurk on your place even after the license to depart. If that happens, don't freak out, mostly they just like your place and want to stay for a little while, leaving few minutes or hours later. That is actually pretty usual, just don't mind them and mind your own business.

As the next thing you should go to do something physical to get back the touch with a physical reality. For example take a bath, exercise, make a sandwich, smoke a cigarette, just do some activity.


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