3rd Grade, Week 2: Eyeless evocation

What is the evocation
Evocation is a practice of summoning spirits to appear outside of you as opposed to invocation which calls spirits inside yourself (more of that later).

Will the spirit be visible
For the spirit to be visible you either have to develop a specific clairvoyant sight or the spirit has to manifest physically (we will learn that later). For now we will have to stick with "feeling the spirit's presence", we will have to stick with eyeless evocation.

What is an eyeless evocation
Eyeless evocation is a ritual performed with a closed eyes. During the ritual you will have feelings of "there is someone in this room with me", actually there will be multiple signals, as we specified before, there are always a lot of lurking spirits around rituals.
This feelings you will have will allow your mind to get to the gnostic state, right frame of the mind to perform Magickal practice. The reason is that the feeling of someone being in your space and you cannot really see him will force your subconsciousness to allow you to access other senses, in return you will be able to feel these spirits even more and freak out even more, it's a recursive cycle. During the first try you will probably hear humming, random words or parts of phrases, you might also see a flash of a figure or something like that.

I have already told you how the ritual looks like, how to prepare your incantations, you are pretty much ready for the evocation, but there is one thing I want to tell you about the eyeless evocation. Once you close your eyes to perform the ritual, keep them closed till you finish the ritual. No matter what you see, hear or feel, don't open your eyes. You might even hear voices of your relatives standing next to you, chances are these won't be what you think it is. For that reason lock your room or hide in some distance place for the ritual.

What happens if you open your eyes? In better case you will see nothing, your mind will drift back to the normal waking state and you just wasted your time. In the worst case you will see something that will earn you a lifetime in a padded cell but I cannot really say you would be actually able to notice that in such a condition. Well, or you will see just an entity you have evoked, but still, don't risk.

Few improvements for the ritual setup
If you don't believe in yourself, use a blindfold. If you want to at least know where the spirit is, put two chairs in your ritual space facing each other. Sit on one of the chairs and you can expect the spirit you are calling will sit in the other one.

If you want to stand during the ritual, just place a summoning triangle on the floor. Solomon's summoning triangle is pretty easy to find on the internet or you can just draw a triangle within a circle, that's it, no brainer.

Don't use normally lit room (that would be stupid), but don't sit in the darkness either (that would be a very creepy experience), use candles to light the room. Dancing shadows will add to the gnosis, plus candle light is very warm and calming, just make sure no open flame is too close to you so you won't burn yourself accidentally.

Have a bag of salt ready in your pocket. If you really have to quickly interrupt the ritual, take the salt from the bag and throw it around yourself in all four directions.

Don't panic! No matter what you see, hear, feel or fear, don't lose your cool, the other chair might fall back, stuff can fall from the tables, glass can break, something may appear to breathe at your face from the distance of few inches, be ready for that and keep calm. If it is unpleasant either tell the spirit to stop it or you can use license to depart to stop the whole ritual or you can use your emergency salt.


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