3rd Grade, Week 2: Magickal prayer

What is a Magickal prayer
According to Papus the Magickal prayer is the most pure and divine version of Magick ceremony, as such it shouldn't be done regularly but only during special occassions so it doesn't become a mindless and boring habit, but always stems from the heart.

How to perform the Magickal prayer
First of all, I am going to present my modified version here, if any of you want to learn the original, you should study Papus' amazing work.

First of all, the prayer is a ritual, check for the basic format of rituals as described in previous section regarding preparation and finishing of the ritual (centering, grounding, casting the circle, etc), as for the content of the ritual, you stand facing a direction of East, or North, or black mirror, or a chair and you pray to the force you believe in (God, deities, spirits, Chaos, life current, whatever...).

I understand this might look too simple, but it really isn't. Your words should come directly from your heart, which at first goes really slowly as you don't really know what you can talk about. Can you cuss? Can you beg for something? Can you ask for cursing of your enemies? Can you ask for anything at all?

The prayer should come from your heart so there really isn't any limit of what you can say or how, I should just warn you about few things. First of all, praying people tend to have moral limitations. They think they shouldn't ask about anything specific because that would be selfish. So they usually ask for a "more opportunity to grow". I would say that the force you pray to have a very specific form of humor and you often get what you ask for. Well, how "opportunity for growth" be translated? Sometimes you get some crazy illness no doctor knows how to cure, sometimes your house burns down and sometimes you lose your job and become a homeless. Considering that you originally wanted a new ferrari this fate is far away from your desires.

Secondly don't do the prayer because you have to, it must be a "want", not a "need", you must have a correct mood for it else don't do it at all.

Don't try to be too formal. After all we speak about forces that know about all your masturbations, cussing and drug abuse even sooner than you do (that's a bit creepy, isn't it?). But don't be too informal, a little bit of respect won't hurt you. After your prayer is done, close the ritual as you are used to.


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