3rd Grade, Week 1: Alphabet of desire

What is the alphabet of desire
Alphabet of desire and simply a collection of pre-made sigils that can be used to quickly form a new Sigil.
The idea is to save some time and also to gain some additional punch in your Magick by actually re-using the Sigils, charging them stronger and stronger, plus it looks like some mystical occult alphabet, which is cool, too.

How to make your own AoD
Let's start traditionally, make a list of opposing aspects: yours can look like something like this:


Continue till you run out of ideas.
Notice that some things on my list do not seem to be opposing, the reason is that we all are individuals and what's opposing to me doesn't need to be opposing for you (I also did it so you won't just copy/paste it instead of doing actual work).

After your list is finished, make a Sigil for each and every force on the item, that means do a Sigil for Love, for Hate, etc, till you are finished.

Charging the AoD
Well, now you should associate each individual glyph with its intended meaning. You can do it by meditating upon each individual Sigil while holding some example of the intended purpose in your mind, you can also go for old-fashioned death postures, make some ritual to charge them all at the same time or just charge them on the fly while you are using them.

Usage of the AoD
You can create an old fashioned Sigil and then include some glyphs of the AoD as a decoration (e.g. in the circle around the Sigil, or to fill some empty spaces, et cetera) or you can build your Sigil purely from the glyphs, composing them in amazing structures or simply putting them on the horisontal or vertical line as if it were a sentence in some unknown language.

Additional glyphs
You might find out that your glyphs are not everything you need. Thinking super abstractly is not for everyone, we are practical people and by combining glyphs health/life/love we will hardly make our sexy accountant to love us. That's why we also need verbs and other words. Feel free to add them to your AoD, also feel free to use one-time glyphs for specific things, for eaxple I surely don't need permanent glyph in my alphabet for some client or a friend when I need to use it only once.

Exploiting the AoD
So, we can re-use Sigils so we can be more lazy in drawing them with a little side benefit called "more power", but what else is there?
You can also associate each glyph with a word or a sound which then can help you to use your AoD on the fly, literally creating your very own barbarian language. This gives more variety and usability into your Magickal practice.

So, we can pronounce our glyphs now, what else is there? You can add anything you want. If you add gestures and body postures to your glyphs, you have effectively re-invented Rune Magick.

You can also print or draw your glyphs on separate cards and then you can build your Sigils by simply placing some cards together to gain a desired outcome and then use your favorite method to charge your Sigil. I hope I don't need to mention that such a deck of AoD ca also be used for divination instead of tarot cards. You can also carve your glyphs into the stones or pieces of wood, re-inventing the rune divination system.

Generally having each glyph of your AoD imprinted on some deck or a collection of stones is a very good idea thanks to the portability and efficiency. A lot of times we are in conditions where we cannot use a pen and paper for our Sigils, but cards, stones, sounds and gestures are always ready for use.


  1. I've been searching all over the web and in complete books on sigil and chaos magick but still haven't fully grasped the concept. Is there any complete book explaining the alphabetical wheel of desire in detail from scratch? Or can you elaborate or point me in the right direction? Thanks for the great post which has filled in some blanks!


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