First scrying evocation: Anael

Who is Anael
Anael is one of angels of Venus. He is associated with the Fire element and he is called the messenger of God. anael's field of work are visions, messages, predictions, simply contact with the divine. That's also why Anael should be the first one to be evoked through a black mirror.

First scrying evocation
Prepare your incantation. Make sure you call Anael a couple of times and you ask him to bless the mirror to give you messages through him.

Mirror should be placed in an angle so you can see a reflection of your face (scrying bowls and crystal balls do not have this requirement). Your environment should be completely dark except two candles placed on the sides of the mirror. Play around with the position of the candles, your reflection in the mirror should be neither too sharp nor too vague. The reason is that your mind needs some reference point in the mirror to start with but having too sharp reflection will beat the idea and too vague image won't give you the sense of depth needed to successfully operate the mirror.

Choose some point on the reflection and observe it, repeat your incantation a couple of times out loud, then silently as well. You will feel your vision getting blurry and distorted. Usual reflex is to re-focus to gain back the sharp image, but you have to avoid this process so the lucidity can kick in.

If you manage to observe passively without refocusing the image will start looking sharp again but the appearing face will be completely different from your own, hopefully that will be Anael. Then proceed as we have learned before in the chapter describing basic format of the rituals.


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