Planetary Correspondences

In Astro Magick we use days and hours associated with certain planets. Planetary influences are these:

  • Sun - Logical reasoning, willpower, stamina
  • Moon - Intuition, dreams, divinations, maternity
  • Mars - War, protection
  • Mercury - Communication, travelling
  • Jupiter - Knowledge, learning, studies, intellectual properties
  • Venus - Love, romance, relationships
  • Saturn - Age, elders, judgement, justice, experience, discipline

Modern Magicians usually work with correspondence tables showing exactly which day and which hour is associated with certain planet and without such table they are pretty much screwed.
I will show you how to create such table on your own.

Remember planets and their days

First of all we have to associate days with planets.
  • Sunday - Sun
  • Monday - Moon
  • Tuesday - Mars
  • Wednesday - Mercury
  • Thursday - Jupiter
  • Friday - Venus
  • Saturday - Saturn

This listing can look harsh, but in fact we already know four of these:
  • Sunday and Sun, sure thing.
  • Monday (Moonday), Moon :)
  • Friday - do you know better day for going out to have fun?
  • Saturday - Saturnday, Saturn.

Four days learned, three days missing. Wednesday is in the middle of the week and Mercury is also “in the middle”, in correspondences Mercury is taken as of “neutral gender”. Just two planets missing :).

About planets and hours

So, planets have their strongest influences on days associated with them and on their hours. First hour of the day is the planet of the day. So if we have Monday, its associated planet is Moon and Moon is also the first hour of the day.
And the next hour? Next will be Saturn.
Hard to guess? Not a chance :)

Here we have a heptagram, 7-pointed star with planetary symbols associated with points of the star. We can see that we have started with Sun (Sunday), next in week’s sequence is Moon (Moonday), we can see that Moon is not near Sun, but it is connected with Sun through line. Same applies to other planets, too. After Moon there is Mars, but Mars is not near Moon on the heptagram, but once again, connected with line.

Now, if we go clockwise around the star, we will see that after Moon there is Saturn, which is second hour on the day of Moon.
With this knowledge we can derive the full table:


These are hours for the day. For hours for the night you simply continue in the circle so when Sun is the last hour for Monday’s day, first hour of Monday’s night will be Venus, second Mercury, etc.

What are these hours

Last thing you have to know before you start working with planetary correspondences. Day hours are counted from the sunrise till the dawn. So when Sun rises at 6AM and dawn is at 8PM, there are 14 hours that has to be distributed into 12 hours.
  • 14 hours = 840 minutes.
  • 840 divided by 12 = 70.
  • So, every planetary hour will have 70 minutes in such case.

Night hours are counted from the dawn till the sunrise, so when day hour is 70 minutes, night hour will be 50.

Just remember that the strongest hour is always the first one of any particular day. So the best for working with Moon aspects/intelligences is on Monday in the first hour (during the sunrise).


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