Today I wanted to cheer up my gf so I promised her that I will summon a ghost of her dad that died a tragic death few years ago.

We got to the point of his face appearing in the glass, but I couldn't proceed anymore.

I am not entirely sure if problem was in using glass instead of crystal glass, the fact that I felt very tired before the conjuration or the storm that is currently approaching, speaking of that this might not be the best time for such operation...

Well, there is a lot of things to improve on this one, first of all I have to buy crystal glass, somewhere :-/.

I should improve my magnetic abilities, as well, from now on I will practice telepathy every day.


  1. “Sorcery has been called Magic: but Magic is Wisdom, and there is no wisdom in Sorcery.”

  2. True indeed :). Sorcery doesn't contain wisdom, but wisdom can be retrieved by means of sorcery. By means of experimentation and experience.

  3. Well known idea.
    But Paracelsus talking about nature magnetism.
    It means using of virgula ("Kyvadlo"), or some stick for searching (finding) watter, ore...

  4. kyvadlo is a pendulum in English :)


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