Home-made paper

Today I will tell you what to do how to create a home made paper together with instructions of creating a virgin-paper.

First of all, you need a mould and deckle for the paper. These are easy to be made at home. You just need few planks and some strong insect-net, but I am sure you will find your way how to create this mould and deckle.

Next step is to get a bowl of water. You can exorcize the water as described in Clavicula Salomonis for the creation of virgin-paper, or you can simply use the water as is.

Put old newspapers into the bowl of water and let there overnight. Next day mix the water with paper well to dissolve all big pieces.
Add finely grounded wheat flour to the bowl and again, mix well. Wheat floor with water creates a nice glue for paper.

Attach deckle to the mould and pour the mixture to it. Wheat flour causes the drying to take a while so wait for next day before removing the paper from the deckle. The end :).

Few notes about virgin-paper:
For paper to be virgin-paper, you have to:

  • exorcise the water
  • exorcise the wheat-flour
  • When paper is done, write EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH on the top and AIN SOPH on the bottom. Write characters for the parchment on the back of the paper. This is described in Clavicula Salomonis together with prayers to charge the parchment.


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