Basic fundamentals of hypnosis

I have sent this description to my friend and I thought I could share :).

Well, ok. There are basically three hypnotic states:
  • lethargy - body is very relaxed
  • catalepsy - body is pretty much stiff, this is a middle stage between lethargy and somnambulism
  • somnambulism - subject seems to be waken up, but still is in hypnotic effect. If lucidity awaken within the subject, you got a perfect seer and completely under your control

I will describe just lethargy because other two are dangerous, but don't worry, I will tell you where to find out more.

How to find out if subject is suitable for hypnosis
  • Tell your subject to stand with their legs together
  • Get behind the subject
  • Put your hands on subject's shoulder blades. Don't push, just have your hands there for a while
  • Put your hands away. If subject started falling at you, it's a perfect one for hypnosis

How to induce lethargy
  • Grab thumbs of the subject with both hands
  • Tell the subject to relax
  • Look directly at subject's right eye for a while

This should be enough to make subject fall into first hypnotic state, lethargy. You can also enhance effect of this with simple suggestion to fall asleep.

In this state, subject is vulnerable for suggestion, you can tell it to do a dishes after waking up or something like that.

Lethargy is very easy to be noticed, body of subject gets pretty much numb, make sure you sit with the subject so the subject doesn't fall on the floor.

If you want to wake up the subject, just command the subject to wake up. You can also use command to wake up upon clap or something like that.

For the rest, read Papus - Methodical Treatise of Practical Magick. Papus wrote a whole chapter about this kind of hypnosis and backed the concept up with a lot of his experiments.

I myself can say it works quite nicely


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