Wandering spirit

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I have found out that one of the search keywords to find this blog was "a wandering spirit" so I thought I could make a small explanation about this topic

What is a wandering spirit
I have already stated that when spirit inhabits the body a soul is created as a connection link between body and spirit.

When body dies, spirit separates to reincarnate again and soul remains on this world till it gets dissolved back into Akasha.

Duration of the soul without spirit depends a lot on its links. Souls linked to certain buildings or people will remain a lot longer than souls without bonds.

Sometimes this soul becomes a wandering spirit. This usually happens when the death was tragic and plan for the current life wasn't finished. Soul subconsciously seeks a source of food to prolong its existence and finish its plan.

Spiritual vampirism
Soul needs a spiritual energy if it wants to prolong its existence. This spiritual energy can be obtained from vitality of living beings. Such wandering soul attaches to such living being and starts draining its own vital energy. Wandering spirit transforms into spiritual vampire and here we talk about the most common form of possession.

Basics of exorcism
Most simple way of exorcism is to pierce a demonic entity with exorcistic dagger.
Exorcistic dagger has two main aspects:

  1. steel blade
  2. handle made from isolated material (eg wood) 
Problem with wandering spirits is they are not outside a possessed body. They are good in hiding so they might seem to appear and leave, but in fact they are with the body the whole time so harming this entity would mean harming its physical vessel, too.

For that reason the wandering spirit has to either be forced out of the body, first. Or a scrying stone will be used to astrally connect directly to this spirit and attack is then unleashed directly on this projection. This usually results in cracks on the scrying stone.

Key aspects of the possessing spirit
First of all, possessed person will show a significant change in its behavior and this change will seem to be persistent. Possessed person can also show a natural offensive behavior against the exorcist even when this person doesn't know about exorcist's true nature.

Possessing spirit itself is usually perceived by clairvoyant eyes as a black smoke (or a plastic shadow). If you manage to see its eyes, eyes will usually have a color of corresponding element. So a possessing spirit feeding on anger and causing anger to manifest in possessed person will have red eyes according to the fire element. Greedy spirit's eyes will be green as earth, emotional or depressive spirit will have blue eyes, plain thinking and careless spirits will have eye of the Air element's color, which is yellow.

This depends a lot on the individual perception of the exorcist. If exorcist managed to add elementalism into his works then these colors will be as depicted in the above example.

How to get the wandering spirit out of possessed body
For this purpose we will need a direct contact with possessed individual. He will have to be with us in our Magick circle. This also means that when wandering spirit separates from the victim, it will try to attach to another source of food, which is the exorcist, keep that in mind.

Exorcistic procedure:
  1. Exorcist starts with prayer and banishing
  2. Circle is cast around exorcist and exorcised person to set a protection from external influence and also as a bound of a wandering spirit
  3. God names are invoked to attain spiritual authority
  4. Exorcist burns an incense and places its right hand on possessed person's forehead and starts with litanies and psalms to get the spirit out
  5. Spiritual vampire will be either thrown to the circle out of the possessed body or to the certain item prepared in advance. This item should be made of steel preferably as a box or chest and placed on evocation triangle to force the spirit to enter this box.
  6. Vampire is harmed with dagger and banished
  7. Body of possessed victim is locked with another litanies so no other wandering spirit can enter this body.
  8. Final banishing and opening of the circle
  9. Final prayer for purifying body of exorcist.


  1. I like this - I should really write up on how I do exorcisms as well, I don't have a "standard" at the moment.


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