Is Magick a Satan's doing?

I have met this question so many times that I believe I should share this answer with all of you.

When performing Magick feats, or if you wish "miracles", we use a bit of ourselves that is not limited to our body. Or better said, our spirit commands our soul to leave limitations of body for a bit and cause a change in external reality.

What is spirit and what is soul?
I will explain this in greater extent later in the blog, for now I will say just this.
When fetus is created in the womb, it is spiritless. Spirit usually inhabits the fetus in about the 4th week of pregnancy.

When spirit inhabits the body, bond between spirit and body is created.
This bond helps spirit to stay in the body and control it, but we are too used to the bond that we usually don't use our full range of abilities, we don't use our divinity. This bond is called a soul and it is everything you are in this life. Your mind, your memories, emotions, everything related to this is part of the soul.

Where does Magick come from?
I have already said that Magick is caused by spirit commanding soul to affect external reality. Soul is the product of connection between body and spirit.
So, Magick is caused by spirit, not Satan ;-).

Last question is where the spirit comes from? Spirit is divine, and so is Magick.


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