Fails from yesterday

1) Don't send your apprentice to do the shopping for you, you won't end up with what you wanted

2) Make sure before you start with magnetising process that your subject doesn't, in fact, has a rubber shoes that isolates energy, not grounded subject in somnambulic phase will have similar qualities as grounded one but after adding energy a numbness in limbs and muscles similar to apoplexy will manifest.

In such case don't panic and ground the subject, then wake it up.


  1. Who or what is Your Apretience?

  2. Apprentice (in occult arts) is a student with a very frequent interaction with his teacher. Student learns just some stuff, apprentice lives with his master (teacher) for some time to absorb as much as techniques and life philosophy as possible, diving deeply into the practice with his master and gaining a lot of experience on the field.


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