Magician as a psychopomp?

From definition, psychopomp is a guide of souls.

Recently I was introduced to another person in very unpleasant way, my friend that introduced us revealed that I am a Magician. This is not very nice introduction when you consider that it's more or less a private thing.

Well, so I slowly got out of that label of weirdo and we started talking a bit more specifically about occult. It turned out that this guy had a lot of experience with Aura seeing, energy manipulation and had quite interesting philosophy.

I have noticed that when people find out about my hobby they slowly starts remembering their past experiences with paranormal phenomena which they forgot due to dogma of modern society.

Maybe one of Magician's task is to lead these people through dogma and help them recall and understand mysteries they witnessed?

My current apprentice was an open minded skeptic, during our talks he has recalled many events from childhood he couldn't understand and in the end he experienced a very strong event during our sessions that made him to be a 100% believer and although his Ego was still trying to cover the fact and conceive him that there still was a logical explanation, it ran out of arguments.


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