Rune Magick and other stuff

Once again I have one of those "do it all at once" moods. I have started working on the Rune Magick by Frater Arion (Franz Bardon), going with Man rune practice. First of all I have noticed it's pretty hard for me to keep still in the pose, being physically pretty hard for more than 15 minutes. Energy coming from the exercise is a bit different than I am used to, but not bad.
I have also noticed that directions, namely West and East are reversed in the rune circle depiction. So either runes have to be drawn in reversed order than on the picture or someone just mistakenly labeled West as East and East as West.

I am also currently working on the rapport with Marbas. I have already worked with Marbas a couple of times and his stuff seems to be pretty useful. Causing and curing diseases, teaching the art of mechanics and speaking about everything hidden or "occult". Creating the rapport with Marbas could be very beneficial for my practice and for increasing my healing ability, plus I think i could get some pretty good helping spirits from him. But for now I have quite an unclean picture of his appearance. It's either that that he has a horn on one side of his head or he is wearing a sword on his back, I hope I will figure this out sooner or later as the connection becomes more stable.

Yeah, and I have recently gotten a gift from my girlfriend, a scorpion, tityus stigmurus
I love scorpions and I am very happy about that one.


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