Where did New Age go wrong

This is the short essay on things where I think New Age went wrong.

What is New Age

The New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century. Its central precepts have been described as "drawing on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infusing them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics".[2] The term New Age refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius - Wikipedia

As you can see in the Wikipedia article, New Age is quite a new movement based on some mix of western and eastern practices. You can also see it tries to base explanations of how it works on science (psychology, parapsychology, quantum physics, etc). There is also a general belief that New Age is a current phase of the universe, marked by entering the Age of Aquarius.

Mix of practices

Mix of western and eastern practice is the first thing I see as an issue. Borrowing stuff from the tradition should come with respect to that tradition. Misunderstanding the bag called "medicin" same as misinterpreting chakras and karmas, mixing it with biological scheme of human body and with icing of hermeticism is a deadly combination.
Always pick one practice and go with it, even if just for one ritual, the shift must be complete. The thing is that the tradition forms from history and history is formed based on some mindset of people. Without adapting the mind set and the history we cannot really adapt the practice and in better case such Frankenstein won't work, in worse case you will get punished for desecration. Aradia doesn't really care about your chakras and YHWH doesn't really care about Aradia, Vishnu and Choronzon also doesn't mate well.
Also remember, Holy Guardian Angel is not the same thing as Mass Ssaratu, this hint can help you avoid a lot of troubles and screaming when using aga mass ssarati to invoke your HGA :D.

Age of Aquarius

Sorry guys, this isn't going to happen for some time, age of Aquarius is still far away, we might already be in the transition to the age, but this transition is going to be very very slow and there are actually thousands of articles about this on the internet

Scientific explanations

Every self-respecting occultist should throw these explanations out of the window. Science is still in development and using theories and theses to "prove" something just to later find out the theory was rejected as false because of new discovery or it was just misunderstood and didn't support anything we specified, that puts occult into very bad light.
Frankly, you shouldn't care about whether demons are external, internal, part of your mind, part of the world, archetypes, or anything else. Demon will always be the demon no matter how you try to define him. The definition won't really affect your practice no matter how hard you try to define it.

Universal consciousness/cosmic love

This problem isn't so obvious, but still it's a strong one. New Age books are always so full of eternal cosmic love and understanding that a reader is certainly melting while reading it. That's cool, eh? No try to look up biographies of these authors, you might notice following pattern:
  • getting fired from work
  • serious health problems
  • abusive parents, husbands or wives
  • really bad relationship with children, children health problems, etc
  • serious finance problems
They are so full of love, yet this shit happens to them, why? Dude, it's great you are so happy, but look, your house just burned down, it's aligned with the ground, you see? Look!
Consider Magick as a way how to resolve your life, get rid of the shit and turn the tables no matter what cards you got in the beginning of this game. This universe is not loving and certainly not helpful, this universe is bossy and meany, but it's bossy and meany to everyone without exceptions and that's what makes it fair.
Magicians have this rare gift that they can change the chances a little and live a smooth and enjoyable life, if your house gets burned down there might be an issue or two with your practice and the way how you use the feedback to improve it.
This is also how you can recognize real teachers, they usually got their shit settled.

Another thing I would like to mention here, demons ARE demons, bloodsucking wraiths ARE bloodsucking wraiths and succubi ARE succubi. Don't invoke them, don't invite them within circles, don't "visit" them in their "realms", don't make deals with them, don't even invite them to parties, demonology is a serious business, not some party game you do on birthdays. I would like to highlight this point as much as I can so in the future I am planning to do 72 days long evocation of all goetic entities and refer to you about the real effects.


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