Arion Runes: Thor Os Rit Ka Hagal Not

Few notes I didn't have any time yet to publish

Thor rune:
This one was quite painful, energy felt as pushing the hand against thorns, it also seems that sweating has become a common part of rune gesture exercises.

Os rune:
Energy quite normal, nothing special, nothing strange, just a smell of ozone on fingers after finishing the exercise

Rit rune:
Warm energy and also a bit disturbing "pressure" feeling moving around my hand during the exercise and through my body after the exercise. I still have this feeling and it is as if I had roaches under my skin.

Ka rune:
During the exercise the energy was pulsing under my thumb and generally it was really strong, I had problems to move the energy to the body after finished, it seemed as it was clogged in my hand.

Hagal rune:
I have felt magnetic energy during this exercise, as it was trying to separate my hands.

Not rune:
Ah, this one was great. The energy was sometimes warm, sometimes cold, but pleasant, and it was simple to distribute the energy across my body after the exercise, no clogging no need of forcing the energy to even move.


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