Making rapport with Marbas: Current state

So, I decided to try Ouija board to contact Marbas (I know, it's retarded).

For what I understood, the rapport would cost me something (don't know what exactly, needs more communication), spirit also kept repeating number '8'.

I researched my precious library for the symbology of 8 and it made no sense. Then I took a second glance at Goetia and it turned out Marbas' day hour is 8 (so I guess I should contact him only at 8 AM/PM).

Today I also read a thing or two about Ouija where it was said that when entity keeps repeating number 8 it means it's pissed, now to decide which is which :D.

Generally using the Ouija board was fun and cost was zero zero nothing, I took some paper, wrote some stuff on it, duct taped it to the floor and used a shot glass as a planchette.


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