Arion's Runes: Experience with the circle

Yesterday for the purpose of practice I have drawn the Runic circle on the floor. I have used green chalk for the two enclosed circles as is described in the book, but for runes I had to use blue instead of red chalk (red chalk was of bad quality and wasn't very visible on the floor). I haven't inscribed the names within the circles.

Feeling of using Is/Man poses within the circle was truly amazing, effects were greater. But there is something I have to find out before doing more of this stuff. During the ritual my legs felt very numb, like the blood circuit was closed there, and were actually turning darker, like the blood circuit was actually very very bad.
This was happening just within the circle. It could be caused either by using blue instead of red color for runes or the fact that the circle was incomplete, I will repeat the test this evening with proper colors.

I have also tried the chalice ritual, but I guess it's too soon, no significant effects there.


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