Arion runes: Few findings

  • So, regarding my practice, I am still going for the Is-Man poses combo,  I usually get a very strong feeling of energy being pumped to my body during Is pose, but I cannot really describe the feeling I have from the Man pose :D, tomorrow I might try the chalice ritual.
  • Direction of runes in the protection circle doesn't really matter, so you can go either way, clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Type of the runes is truly Armanen.
  • If you wondered where you are supposed to get the 'w', eg in tuwatuwa formula, 'w' and 'u' are same, so the runes for tuwatuwa go as following: "Tyr Ur Ur Ar Tyr Ur Ur Ar"
  • P.S. tuwatuwa is the formula for protection against black Magick
  • I have already tried few rune gestures, energy signature for each gesture is truly different
  • Sig - Tyr formula is truly consisted of only these two runes, Sig and Tyr
  • Ara - hari formula gave me some problems to figure out. First of all, there is capital A on the beginning. Capital letters in previous formula meant these are runes, but in this case I think it was just a typo, so the runes should go as following: "Ar Rit Ar Hagal Ar Rit Is"


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