Arion Runes: Is rune (left hand)

This rune will actually take me two days (one for each hand), S. A. Kummer has written that this rune gesture generates a different type of body currents (?) And that these should be kept in balance.

Anyway, for the left hand the energy was strong and sometimes also hot.
Feeling of putting the hand down during breathing exercises could be compared to putting hand into static electricity field.

I also found out that I didn't start the exercise properly as I had a bad position of the thumb (it should be same as in Indian Fist mudra, thumb touching the root of the little finger). This became apparent during the exercise and was fixed during the first iteration of practicing the Is rune.

After the exercise there were not any big problems and distributing the energy, except every time I was done with the distribution a new energy appeared in the hand so I had to keep redistributing it. This happened 4 or 5 times.

Before falling asleep I had an impression that my body is floating and my feet felt as if being put into the static electricity field.


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