2nd Grade, 3rd Week: Basics of character recognition

We like to know our environment, the mysteries scare us. It's the old fear, same fear that caused we avoided a dark. Fear that we cannot control what we don't know.
On the other side, there was a rumour in the ancient Egypt that if you knew the real name of some deity, you could control it, you can even command it to make you immortal. This is an abstract way of saying: "Knowledge is power".

Most basic schema
Introverted person is someone "locked" in his own world, usually shy, having problems with making a contact with unknown people, day-dreaming most of the time.
Extraverted person is someone always willing to chat, sometimes maybe a bit of an exhibitionist.

Did it say anything to you? Well..
Introverted person is more locked, which means it is more resistent to the suggestion, extraverted person is more open and suggestible types are more available amongs the extraverted types. This is also the founding stone of hypnotic show, you need an extraverted person who is also a bit exhibitionist that would go on stage (more of this later). Introverted person would never go on the stage and wouldn't usually even try the hypnotic test (more of this later).

It is easier to get to the extraverted person and get to know it. On the other side introverts are more stable and when you finally get to know them, you know them for good, they will hardly ever change in such a drastic way as an extravert can.

You should also know that extraverts tend to be more emotionally stable, introverts are more inclined to various depressions and usually have a weaker metabolism, as well.

Schema to study
- choleric
- sanguinic
- flegmatic
- melancholic
(Yes, a homework...)

What are schemas good for
Schemas help us to categorize people into closer groups. Basically such a categorization is stupid because we all are individuals. Knowing that someone is a choleric extravert or flegmatic introvert won't make as know the person as a whole, but it will help us in understanding the person a bit more, having even a small idea of what you can expect from someone is always better than nothing.

But remember that people are not too easy to categorize, eg extraverted/introverted is not an on/off switch, it's a scale starting with extreme introvert and ends with extreme extravert, but people are usually somewhere in between, either closer to one or the other end.

Creating a custom schema
Take a piece of paper and in a 10 minutes write as many character traits as you know, then use these words as a dictionary of your own schema. You will see that when you have a defined set, categorizing will become easier to you, especially if you study this grade carefully.


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