2nd Grade, Week 3: Categorizing people by elements

Elements contained within body and their portions are not some abstract thing. Astral and physical are heavily interconnected, we could even say merged together, therefore our internal elemental balance affects our external appearance and behaviour, as well.

Basic correspondences and implications
Fire: willpower
Air: mental plane, anything related to intellect, thoughts, memories, etc
Water: Emotions
Earth: Material stuff, whether we are talking about wealth or bold body structure, this all is contained within the Earth element. Before we also said that the Earth element is heavy, Air element is light, which means we can reverse the rule here, people with more Air in their bodies and lacking Earth element (imbalance) will have light and weak bodies.

What is this good for?
Elemental balance affects both physical and mental states, knowledge of the balance state can help us understanding our subject or even influencing him.
But for our characterization to be accurate, we have to be able to notice details. Let's say you meet a lazy person. Laziness will have some deal of lacking willpower (lacking Fire element), but together with this we can also have a lacking Water element (decreased emotional activity, no motivation). Laziness can also comes with a greater deal of the Air element in the body. In such cases our subject is a great thinker, but spend most of his time "innovating", day dreaming, and hardly does find some time to actual make his ideas come true (through work, which would require the Fire element, willpower).
Person with increased amounts of Fire and Earth elements will be physically strong, doing physical work with ease and as a sort of relaxations, unfortunately decreased Air element will cause this person won't think much during the process, the work will be just a routine, now innovation process will happen. Lacking water element in such cases will cause a lack of empathy, this person will have a love for his job, but will hardly have a real love for another person.

Best subjects for suggestions are greatly lacking the Fire element, usually with increased amount of the water element (extravercy, showmanship, going with the crows), with Air and Earth elements being about average.


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