2nd Grade, Week 3: Recognizing leading and lacking elements in self and others

Why should I know this
If you choose elements to be your main occult correspondence, you will perceive charecteristics and health as being consisted of elements. If that's the case, you want to keep the elements balanced in your body.

How to accumulate elements was something we have learned in the first grade and an improved version the first week of this grade. Now, as I said before, it is dangerous if elements are not accumulated in the same amount. Such imbalance can lead to a sickness or a major change in characteristics of your psyche.

Recognizing leading and lacking elements
Most of this you have already learned in the previous exercise of this week, through the character recognition. But not everytime we know the subject or we are willing to be truthful in our introspections (truth hurts), for that there is a simple exercise that will give you some general summary of how elementally balanced you are.

1. Invoke the feeling of heat to your whole body.
2. Invoke the feeling of cold to your whole body.
3. Continue with invoking a feeling of the heaviness to your whole body
4. Now invoke the feeling that your body is as light as a feather.

The important note is to truly feel the impressions you are trying to invoke. You might have already noticed, some steps went better than the other. Some were eg slower to achieve or you didn't achieve anything at all in certain steps. The reason can be that you are in a cold environment so a feeling of heat made you some troubles or (if your enviromental conditions were ok), that there is an elemental imbalance in your body.

Generally the feeling of a heat is associated with the Fire element, coldness with the Water element, lightness of a feather goes for the Air element and the heaviness comes down from the Earth element.

Perceiving the energy of others
This is a combination of what you have learned in this grade. Do the same procedure as when you are healing others with the Vital Force.
When your energy enters the body of your client, use your hands to perceive your client's energy. Focus on perceiving the heat, the cold, the heaviness, etc from the client's body, this will give you some general overview of what's going on with your patient/subject/client.


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