2nd Grade, Week 1: Perception of the Vital Force

What is the Vital force?
Vital force is the energy you have in your body, it's the energy that allows you to control your body, without this energy you feel tired. That's enough explanation for now I think. Let's just say that this energy allows you much more than just moving the vehicle called your body as you are about to learn in this curriculum.

How can I control the Vital force?
First of all you have to learn how to perceive the energy, which is quite hard because it is with you the whole time, it's hard to start perceiving something when you have it the whole time.
Consider your health, most people do not care about their health as long as they are healthy. They usually miss health only when they are sick, that's the only time they appreciate their health.

How to perceive the Vital force
First of all make yourself comfortable and relax, use eg the Simple relaxation exercise as found in the previous grade.
Once you are relaxed, direct all your attention to your body, feel the body as the whole. You should clearly feel everything, all the place your body takes.
Now focus on your left hand, you can use your eyes as well for this, but mainly feel it.
Focus on your right hand,  then left hand again. Keep switching the focus between hands and soon you will notice something changing in your hands,  the handyou are focused on feel different. This feeling can be one or more of the following: heat, tingling, buzzing, pressure, weighting more... it depends on your personal configuration.
Now you can also start switching your focus between more places on your body, not just your hands.


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