2nd Grade, Week 2: VFM for healing others

Healing others is pretty similar to the self-healing, same rules and law apply. To heal another person you have to learn how to send the VF out of your body and how to control it outside your body.
Get a long piece of stick (can also be a broom) and hold it in your hand in the middle.
Accumulate the Vital Force in your body as we learned before.
All this accumulated energy move to your hand that is holding the stick. As you are doing this try to feel the energy that is out of your body, feel the energy and with that also feel the shape, the surface and the content of the stick.
Move the energy from one tip of the stick to the other a couple of times, then expand it across the whole stick. Keep it this way for a couple of minutes.
Then shrink it back and move it back into your body (do not waste).
After you are good with a stick, you can try it onto other person.


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