2nd Grade, Week 2: Mind reading

First of all, this is not about how to hear thoughts of other people, mind reading in Magick is based on observation and intuition and it is mainly about something we all had but must of us suppressed it during childhood.
There is this problem with growing up, we have to adapt to our society's standard. We have to stay quiet about certain things we perceive because it's rude to mention them. Because of that we suppress certain feelings, we do not want to be rude, right? That's how we lose our mind reading ability instead of practicing it.
What ability do I mean? Let's say you are speaking with your boss and suddenly you get a suspicion, your boss' behavior seems strange, simply different, maybe some other colleague or employee complained on you, after all a good scapegoat is nearly as welcome as a solution to the problem. But you omit this and casually continue in the conversation, but odds are that even if you asked about this your boss would reject it, giving even worse punch right into your intuition.
Next case scenario: you come home a bit late (work appointment, traffic, etc) and immediately as you see your wife/girlfriend/partner you get this impression "she thinks I am cheating on her", but once again you dismiss this idea and later she divorces you or searcher for other partner. Or you react on this impression the worst possible case, you try to make up for the late arrival by being more gentle or buying gifts, flowers, etc. That has the same effect as if you told your fiance that you really do cheat on her (which is something you do not want).

But intuition sucks
Of course, as with any ability, less you train, more you suck, it's same with sport, games or instruments. Grab some violin and play Paganini's Caprice No24 when you never played violin before, I think you can guess what will happen. But of course there are ways how to enhance our intuition a bit better to be able to read people's intentions better.
First of all you have to accept the fact that the verbal communication is just a small tip of the iceberg called communication. Non-verbal communication makes about 80%.
Non-verbal communication includes:
- face expressions
- eyes movement
- hand gestures
- body postures
- distance
- tone of the voice
- speed of the speech
- topics and avoidance of some topics
- extra-sensory communication (telepathy, energy exchange, etc)

By default you should be able to recognize and analyze these automatically, giving you a solid set of information not recognizable from the verbal communication alone, but as we said, we tend to reject this part of the communication because of the social annoyance and uncertainity we feel to cause this way.

How to train a mind reading
Firstly you must accept you need this and act accordingly, that will force you to recognize and use this in your daily situations. Soon you will discover you can actually use it to your advantage as it gets more accurate.
Secondly you can accumulate the Vital Force into your head and spine to get some boost for the passive observation. This should also maximize the amount of date you can gather passively.
Thirdly you can research NLP which has mapped a great deal of common communication processes and meanings.

How to regain the trust
Most of us do not trust our intuition and it's partially also the reason why our intuitive accuracy is very low, it's a sort of a downward spiral.
To regain the trust try the following procedure:
Every day, right before you take a look at your watches, ask yourself what tine is it and answer yourself, then take a look. You will notice that the more you practice the more accurate you are. Sooner or later this will stop being guesses and will become solid and accurate feelings.

Train with somebody
Simplest way how to train mind reading is guessing a chosen card. Take a deck of playing cards, pick up a couple of cards (3 - 5), let your partner secretly choose one card and then let the card to enter your mind, don't force it.
Later you can switch into using the whole deck of cards, then the answer is usually split into following:
-the card is black
-the rank is Spades
-it's a person, not a number
-it's a Jack

-the card is red
-the rank is Hearts
-it's a number
-it's a lower number (A - 5)
-it's 4

After you call out all your answers your partner shows his chosen cards.
This way you can see what you got right and what you got wrong and you can also see whether these were guesses or not (important, questioned partner do not react between answers, only after a specific card was said out loud, he shows it).
This approach helps you to practice reading people but it also practices your intuition and your inner sight. By doing this experiment often you can eg find out you commonly mistake hearts for spades or Ace and 4, write down, study and analyze your results, that's what improves your practice and your results.


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