Second grade: selected topics

Some topics I certainly want to publish in the second grade:

Week 1

-Elemental energy accumulation
-Perception of the Vital force (VF)
-VF accumulation
-VF manipulation (VFM) for the means of self-healing

Week 2

-VFM for healing others
-VFM, telepathy suggestion explained in detail
-VFM, mind reading

Week 3

-Basics of psychotherapy
-Basics of character recognition
-Categorizing people by elements
-Recognizing leading and lacking elements in self and others

Week 4

-Power of suggestion
-Power of image and deception
-Power of subtle influences

Week 5

-Enchantment with elements
-Enchantment with VFM
-Servitor creation using elements
-Servitor creation using VFM

Week 6

-Basic techniques of hypnosis induction
-How to recognize and work with lethargy
-How to induce, recognize and work with catalepsy
-How to induce, recognize and work with Somnambulism
-How to release your subject from trance without problems

So, feel free to let me know what do you think about the second grade of the curriculum, use comments, personal messages, messages in the bottle, anything you like.


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