2nd Grade, Week 1: Elemental Energy Accumulation

In the first grade we have learned how to perceive elements, now I am going to show you how to actually accumulate them in your body without causing major imbalances resulting in stress, depression or sickness.

Originally you were supposed to gather each element and then to let all of it go, that was supposed to teach you how to feel elements and how to maintain your original balance. Now we are about to learn how to keep elements in the body while keeping the elemental balance, therefore strenghtening your energetic body.

Be relaxed
First of all we should relax our body and our mind, there were already some relaxation and calming exercises in the first grade, so you can use those.

Imagine your body is hollow
Similar to the mastery of elements body, before we can gather elements we have to make some "space" for them. Just imagine AND feel your body being hollow.

One by one
Now we should start accumulating elements. The process is that you visualize and feel the qualities of the invoked element and then you inhale these qualities into your body and with each inhale you accumulate these qualities.
For the beginning start with 5 inhales for each element, with time you can slowly start building it up to 40, but I recommend to simply keep with 5 inhales for following reasons:
1) Five repetitions are easier to be kept, you want the elements to be balanced.
2) In the future you want to accumulate more and more energy, but you don't want to waste your time. What one would do with 100 repetitions you will be able to do with 5, therefore saving your time and improving effectivity of your spells, simply by receiving more energy per a breath instead of increasing the number of inhales.

Qualities of the elements
Fire is hot, red and dry
Water is cold, blue and moist
Earth is heavy, green, cold and dry
Air is lightweight, transparent, warm and moist.

Order and effects
-Always start this exercise with Fire element, the rest will go easier.
-Use Water as the second element if you are unsure or scared, elements will be more balanced but partially negated with each other
-Use Air element as the second one if you want or need more energy and better effects. Naturally Air feeds the Fire and is also warmened by the Fire, feeding your body with greater deal of oxygen and boosting your metabolism, just be careful for your body not to get too hot, that's dangerous. Air element is also a natural dam between Fire and Water.
-Earth element must be always last for its limiting factors. Earth limit three previous elements, therefore it is good for controling them.


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