2nd Grade, Week 2: Telepathy suggestion explained in detail

In the first grade we have learned about a technique called telepathy suggestion. This training was about focusing on someone and making him turn back at you (or you could also try something else).
Now let's talk how it works.
Vital force, also called a neural energy or also a magnetic fluid, is the energy "created" by your very own body by processing energy from food, from sleep and from the oxygen.

Your Vital force is naturally emitted from the tip of your fingers, from your mouth, especially your tongue, and also from your eyes, ears and nose.

By focusing on a certain person with a certain intent you have directed the emission from your eyes and "programmed" it with a certain action. This is how your suggestion travelled across the air to the subject of your suggestion without saying a word. But why did it work?

Your energy joined the subject's energy and transmitted the message. This would normally be stopped by the psychic censor, the mechanism suppossed to protect us from occult phenomena, to protect us from ourselves. But there exist one place where this proection is weak. Base of the skull, where spine grows into the skull, also place where the root of the brain is stored.

Root of the brain controls your body's mechanics through the neural network, in other words it controls your basal functions. In certain cases it also happens that the consciousness is fully shutdown and the brain's root takes the full control, this usually happens in extreme cases where survival instincts have to jump in. As an example we can talk about car accidents. If you ever were in a serious car accident, you most probably doesn't remember the crash itself and also a couple of seconds before and after, and if you do, it resembles a dream more than a memory.

So, by focusing on the place where the brain's root is, you are injecting the basal functions and also the whole neural network. Fortunately it would take excessive amount of energy to cause a harm to the person this way, still, it's a cool feature.


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