2nd Grade, Week 1: Vital Force manipulation for the means of self-healing

So, we have hopefully learned how to feel Vital Force, where do we get it and how to accumulate it by releasing our reserves. Now let's talk about a simplest use of Vital Force, self-healing.
This isn't really a healing, it just makes some part of our organism to work a little bit faster (eg in case of wounds or flus) or at least to relieve some pain (eg headaches, etc). By no means it is a replacement for doctor appointment in serious cases, remember that.

Use the process of energy accumulation described in the previous exercise. When the energy is accumulated, focus all of it into the troublesome area (a wound, a head for headache , nose or throat for flu, etc), with this focus all of the released should go to the designated place. This might take a couple of tries for the first time, but you will eventually get the hang on this.
When the energy was clearly moved to the designated place (always choose just one place per session), keep focusing on the place for about another 10 minutes. This is not an instant cure for all diseases, it just allows our body to regenerate faster, how faster depends only on your practice, in other words on your physical and spiritual condition.


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