2nd Grade, Week 1: Accumulation of the Vital Force

Let's say something more about Vital Force. It's the energy inherent to you, you cannot accumulate it from outside, only way is accumulating it from the inside. To understand how to do that we firstly have to understand how Vital force gets into our body.

Where can I get the Vital force?
First of all, Jews and some other nations that the Soul is stored in blood, that would be for a longer discussion but we certainly know that the Vital force truly is in the blood. So to affect our energy we have to learn how our blood can be affected.
To affect our blood (and Vital force) indirectly we have to drink and eat, a balanced meal on regular level does great things to your energy level. Semi-direct ways of influencing our energy level are sleep and Sun, sleep helps to restore our body and our mind, sunrays maintains our body and our emotional stability.
Direct way of affecting one's blood is a breathing.
The breathing should be slow and deep, but still natural, with slight pauses before and after inhales.

Releasing the energy from storages
Now we know where our body gathers the energy from, we should also say something about energy storages.
Not all your Vital force is available to you, most of it is stored for emergency cases (fear, adrenaline rush, etc), but there are several ways how to release these:

Coffee doesn't really give you energy (unless you like your sugar with a bit of a coffee), it releases it from your storages. That's also the reason why you cannot live on coffee for years. Firstly your body needs to relax and regenerate and secondly your energy storages need to be refilled.

In 30 minutes after one shot of a strong liquor a lot of energy is released and your mind becomes brighter, this state usually lasts for about an hour. It works only once, another shots will just make you drunk.

Release without supplements
To release the energy without external tools including caffeine, alcohol, drugs, etc, there is also another way.
You should be already able to feel your Vital Force, focus on it. Focus on the intent to release your dormant energy, take a really really slow and deep inhale, it's the same inhale that your body does automatically just before yawning, it is highly possible that inhale will actually force yawning to you, but hold it, inhale a bit more, still with the intention in mind and you will feel a quick outburst of energy being released into your body.


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